Gifts of the Holy Spirit LLCS001
Spiritual Works of Mercy LLCS004
Corporal Works of Mercy LLCS003
The Virtues LLCS006
The Beatitudes LLCS007
Saints in the US Set 1 LLCS008
Saints in the US Set 2 LLCS009
Mother of God LLCS011
The Popes LLCS012

Concept Sets Discount Package

Total Value $170
Collection Discount Package Price $136!

Our Concept Sets are designed to be used with each other to teach about the lives of the Saints and how they each displayed so many qualities that helped define their Sainthood.  If you wish to view the specifics of each set, simply click on the picture to learn more and when you are done, use your browser back buton to return to this page.  Use the browser back button to continue shopping. 

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