Life is God's Choice Window Cling

Life is God's Choice Window Clings
Product GSWC012

As many of you know, we have become grandparents recently and though we have always been avid Pro-Lifers, holding our two beautiful grand babies has inspired renewed fervor for the cause. In response, we've created this new design based on this iconic image from the 60's. It was created by a grass roots group of mothers called “Another mother for peace.” It was printed on cards and sent in droves to politicians all over the country on Mother's Day asking for an end to the killing during the Viet Nam war. During that war, 47,369 Americans died on the battlefield in 9 years. In the nine years from 1984 – 1993, 13,953,000 Americans died from abortion. And so this Mother's Day, let's all pray for an end to this horrible war on future generations. We would love to see this little design everywhere on cars, windows, in schools and churches proclaiming God as the Author of life and that He alone has the right to choose between life and death. The original artist gave her flower for her own four children, so we gave ours six leaves for our six kids and two new shoots for our grand babies.

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