Next Level Jesse Tree

Next Level - Jesse Tree
Product LLCO075 - $15.00

Six 11x17 sheets (17 Pieces) Each triangle measure approx 8" high by 8" wide and when finished the whole tree measures 32" wide by 40" high! Celebrate Advent by bringing the ancient stories of God's loving kindness to life for your class. This Jesse tree was designed with one person from Jesus' family tree on each triangle. When put together the triangles form a tree that illustrates the succession from the root of Jesse to Jesus. If can be used in many different ways. For younger children, use the triangles as starters for those wonderful old children's Bible stories from the Old Testament throughout the Advent season. Leading up to the Nativity, build a “tree” as you go on a bulletin board or wall in the classroom. For teens, use the tree to help them rediscover these familiar stories through older eyes. How much these ancient people and their trials relate to our own times is really amazing. Your students may be surprised at how often they disrespected and disobeyed God (the only thing missing is the rock and roll), yet He still kept His promises to them. What wonderful news today's teens could really use! You could pass out the triangles and have each student look up their person and find their stories in scripture. The stories could then be shared with the class, building the “tree” as you go.

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