Door of Mercy
Product LLCO139 - $27.50

You've got to see this kit! It's a whopping 2 feet wide by 4 feet high when assembled and opens up to over 3 feet wide. Assemble this door in your classroom and spend the next several weeks going over the Works of Mercy as the excitement builds (the door panels have all of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy to help your students learn them.) Then, break the seal of your own Holy Door to reveal the image of the Divine Mercy announcing "Open wide the doors of Mercy!" The kit comes with a reproducible sheet of hearts with “rays of mercy” shining out. Each heart is waiting to be personalized “________________ is Merciful and Blessed!” and then placed on the insides of the doors. We used blue paper on the right side and red paper on the left to echo the rays from the Heart of Jesus. Imagine the excitement when the “doors” are finally opened and your students names are right there telling them they are all chosen to be channels of God's Mercy and open the door to invite Jesus in!

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