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A Catholic Timeline

A Catholic Timeline
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Twentytwo 11X17 sheets, (22 Pieces). Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was only 5 years old when Saint Bernadette saw Our Lady of Lourdes? Or that Michelangelo finished the Pieta just seven years after Columbus discovered America? Or the Inca's were busy building their capital Cuzco while Saint Francis was busy rebuilding the Church? Over Two Thousand years of history shown on one comprehensive timeline, will help your students (and you) follow the fascinating adventure of our Church and the world around us. Your students will love this totally coherent timeline of history, science, and religion all presented from the birth of Jesus till now. We broke our Catholic Timeline into 4 different sections: Church History with the complete list of every Pope from Peter To Francis, our incredible Saints, world history, and science & the arts. Each 17X11 sheet covers one century. It is bursting with interesting facts (the “Wizard of Oz” was written three years before the Wright brothers took flight), colorful art and pictures, and plenty of information to grab your students attention and have them dive headfirst into a life time of learning!

Stretched end to end these 22 sheets (cover sheet and 21 centuries) covers thirty-one feet of hallway, library, lunchroom or gymnasium space, or you can stack them in rows of 4 or 5 centuries each, or put up a century or two at a time and allow your students to digest all that was happening during those centuries – pick a year and ask them who was the Pope and what else was happening during his reign, what Saints were alive etc... Of course we couldn't put everything on the timeline, so pick a time and have your students research more using the timeline as a jumping point into the past, this is an excellent learning tool. You can also tape the sheets together (on the back) to form an accordion book that your students can easily flip through and learn. This timeline will provide an endless source of inspirational learning!

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