The Eucharist Faithwords Combo

The Eucharist Faithwords Combo
Product LLCO347 - $40.00

Six 11X17 sheets. The Eucharistic Revival is in full swing and everyone is learning more about the Eucharist – personally our research for these projects has increased our faith as well!
Set one gives the proper terms for the sacred vessels and linens. The set includes: Monstrance, Pyx, Chalice and Paten, Ciboriam, Sacred Linens and Ciborium.
Set two describes the various ways we celebrate Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The set includes: The Mass, Holy Communion, Adoration, Eucaristic Benediction, Eucharistic Procession and Eucharist.
Set three defines some of the difficult terms to understand how astonishing the Eucharist actually is! The set includes: Amamnesis, Epiclesis, Paschal Mystery, Fraction, Sacrifice of the Mass and Transubstantiation.

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