Concept Set Virtues
Product LLCS006 - $20.00

Eight 11X17 sheets, (22 Pieces) These images were designed to be conversation starters and who better than the Saints to teach us about the Virtues! Discussions on the Cardinal and Theological Virtues and how the saints displayed them can be facilitated using this set. You can put up the saint posters and put one of the Virtues on each one, asking how they think each displayed that particular Virtues. Then switch the Virtues around and continue the discussions. Or, you can hold up each Virtue for the students to decide who gets each Virtue and why, to get the conversation started. Of course, the conclusion should be that all seven saints displayed all seven Virtues. Saints included - Anne, George, Rose of Lime, Pio of Pietrelcina, Joan of Arc, Lawrence and Ignatius of Loyola. There are a total of 22 pieces in the set, the Saints stand 17" tall and each Saint has a short biography block! These images can be mixed and matched with all of our Concept Sets!

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